System 300

Distance covered

One of the most advanced door entry systems ever launched in the UK, System 300 uses two wire upline signal transmission for maximum installation and cost efficiency. It is incredibly flexible and offers great value with distances of up to 800m between panel and controller and up to 750m from controller to monitor.

One UTP CAT5 pair for all upline data

Unlike most entry systems that rely on three pairs of twisted CAT5 cable as the upline carrier to video receivers, BPT System 300 is able to use just one UTP CAT5 pair for all upline video, audio and data signals. Two cores @1mm2 CSA are also required to supply power on video systems.

Large sites

With large sites, System 300 really comes into its own as it can be used across 256 blocks of apartments, each with up to 32 entrances. Each block can have its own switchboard, as well as a main site control room switchboard. All or selected calls may be intercepted from entrances to residents and routed to the concierge switchboard if required and for the very large apartment, up to 8 intercom monitors can be installed within any dwelling. The BPT System 300 is modular and can be used with the full range of BPT System 300 equipment. It is also easily interfaced with any access control system for a very secure yet flexible security solution.