PSTN Landline Kits

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The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) which is also often referred to as a Landline.

Just like the standard telephone in your home, our PSTN (Landline) entry system has to be connected to its own cabled telephone line* and have its own telephone number so that it can communicate as your programming requires to any telephone, anywhere.

PSTN products are ideally suited to applications where GSM connectivity cannot be achieved.

The BPT PSTN is a sleek and cost effective PSTN solution, providing all of the basic functions of a PSTN unit in a range of hard wearing entry


PSTN Features

  • PSTN Modem: Conforms to TBR21
  • PSTN cable connector: RJ/11 socket with line to pins 2 & 5
  • Length of supplied PSTN Cable: Approximately 3 meters
  • Operational voltage: 12Vdc (Reverse polarity protected)
  • Current consumption: Standby = 180mA; Active = 460mA
  • Operational temperature range: -20°C to +55°C
  • Controller dimensions: 99 x 185 x 35mm (W x H x D)
  • Installation requirements: Controller protected from elements
  • Programming options: Remote by telephone using IDA (Integrated Digital Assistant) / Direct programming using IDA (Requires entry panel with keypad)
  • Programming inactivity timeout: 5 min
  • Number of entry panels that can be connected to one controller: Up to 4 (Provided that all call buttons and call orders on each entry panel mirror each other)
  • Release relay ratings: MOSFET voltage free outputs Switching Max 60V ac or dc @ 500mA
  • Number of release relays: 2 (Can be extended to 4 with a relay expansion module)
  • Release relay adjustable time period: 1 to 256 Sec or toggle on/off
  • Number of telephone numbers dialled per call button: Up to 10 (With 10 to 240 Sec individually set calling time per number)
  • Number of call buttons: Up to 24 (Available on a selection of special order entry panels only)
  • Number of call buttons on telephone Lithos: Up to 4
  • Number of call buttons on telephone Thangram: Up to 8 (without a keypad) or 2 with a keypad
  • Fixed conversation time: 60 Sec (automatic hang-up)
  • Call inactivity timeout: 10 Sec
  • Keypad coded access: Up to 40 codes shared across all relays
  • Keypad access code length: Up to 8 digits including # or * (Hash & Star)
  • Unique 6 digit factory set serial number security PIN, required to enter into programming
  • Two remote entry release by telephone call (Dial to open) modes
  • 400 caller ID recognised Dial to Open numbers can be saved

*In most cases a second dedicated telephone line (with separate number) is required for operation.