Lithos GSM PLUS+

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The Lithos GSM is a compact unit with brushed stainless steel frontplate in a modern design. Up to four illuminated push buttons, can be fitted giving maximum flexibility without the need to change the panel. Capable of storing up to ten numbers with dual flexible relays and all of the advanced features of BPT GSM PLUS+. 12 V DC @460mA active current (180mA in standby) PSTN Landline connection kit also available

Lithos GSM PLUS+ is supplied in a single kit with a variety of push button types and an optional stainless steel surround, making the Lithos GSM PLUS+ truly vesatile. Each kit can be configured for either single or multi button use.

  • Programmable in a single text
  • Separate control unit on secure side
  • Quick remote entry release
  • Timed text alerts
  • Entry preview
  • Easy to program voice guide
  • Low energy consumption
  • Cost saving time out function
  • Unique security pin
  • Flexible dual relays
  • Surface mounted