The pavilions of Eiffel Tower’s new first floor, automated by CAME

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The pavilions of Eiffel Tower’s newly renovated first floor, automated by CAME, was inaugurated by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hildalgo, on the 6th of October.


In February 2012, the company HEFI, in charge of the curved glass facades execution of the Eiffel tower 1st floor, contacted the CAME regarding to the automation of access door to the Férrié pavilion, composed of a food court, a souvenir shop, a projection room and restrooms. The renovation was conceived and executed by Moatti-Rivières architects, and this tremendous installation turned the most prestigious and most visited monument in the world into a more attractive landmark, thanks to it's one of a kind, oblique and transparent architecture. 


The management of the project by CAME

The Férrié pavilion, with its unique design, embraces the curves of the Eiffel Tower thanks to a glass and steel structure. The double curved glass facades offer an entry with a unique "butterfly" door for the access of the pavilion. The architect in charge of the renovation, Alain Moatti, mandated by the Société d’exploitation (Operating company), which was at the initiative of this ambitious project, wanted to automate the “butterfly” door, and CAME was proud to be selected - accepting the challenge and fulfilling it.

With it's strong reputation in the automation of doors and gates, CAME's teams have been fully invested in this project, creating a customized system at the height of this exceptional project, automating the 2 "butterfly" doors of almost 700kg each, while adapting to the site constraints and especially to the unique opening on 17% inclined facades.


Equipment used (technical documentation on request)

  • FROG+ type of gearmotor
  • ZM3EP type of control panel
  • CAME domotic system