5 worldwide innovative automation projects

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Every urban project, from the smallest to the biggest, needs a balanced management depending on its complexity. Indeed, no step must be left up to chance, especially when home-automation latest technology is involved, since they require a careful planning in each phase of the project.

CAME Project Department was born exactly for this reason: a global partner that helps municipalities, entitites, communities, cities and also foreign countries for the management of every automation system on a global scale.

The following are some of the most important projects implemented worldwide.

Expo Milano 2015

One of the most recent events has been Expo Milano 2015, where CAME played a great role as technological partner. A controlling and management system was developed in order to manage vehicular and pedestrian entries, parkings and infrastructures all over the exhibition site. The goal was to successfully manage access for more than 21 million of visitors. Moreover, the system allowed the secure management of the 1.100.000 sqm site. Solutions were adapted especially for the event, with the aim of giving the best response to client’s requests: intelligent turnstiles – candidates to the prize Compasso d’Oro for its design- helped managing the flow of visitors; automatic barriers facilitated the access of vehicles. Moreover, 20 special turnstiles were created and meant to allow the entry of disabled visitors. And finally, automation systems for sliding gates and retractable bollards were also added.

Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal

Given the international relevance of this site, it was necessary to guarantee the maximum level of security. The whole system had to cover every strategic access gate located in critical points of the lock and, at the same time, had to respect the international requirements. To meet these demands, new high security bollards ONE50 – certified ASTM-F2656 equivalent to DOS and PAS68 were installed to manage the access in a secure and automative way.

Barrakka Lifts, Malta

Let’s go back to Europe, more specifically to la Valletta, in Malta. Here, the Barakka Lifts were conceived because of the need of building a connection between the city and the touristic marina, where tourists daily land during their cruises. In December 2012 two important Lifts were opened and connected to a system for accesses based on issuing tickets through automatic cashes, so that no staff had to be involved.  The engineering project, coordinated by the maltese system integrator Mekanika, is made by a system of turnstiles completed with a barcode reader, the already mentioned automatic cashes and specific turnstiles used for disabled people access. Today, visitors’ flow can reach peaks of 2,000 people per hour.

Tour Eiffel, Paris

There is a bit of CAME also in one of the symbols of the Ville Lumiére: the Tour Eiffel in Paris. Our intervention was part of the project for the renewal of the first floor of the monument and consisted in a crystal floor suspended at 57 meters, plus the construction of ecologic structures and a new pathway for disabled people. The access to the Ferrie pavilion was entrusted to a unique and exclusive “butterfly shaped” gate, linked to a domotic system for the automation of its wings. Two engines FROG+, capable to move almost 700 kg each, were fixed over these wings.

The Lancasters, London

If we move towards the North of Europe, we can find CAME also at The Lancaster, in London. We were chosen by SMC, the British system integrator of CAME that was already in charge of reducing the wiring in the building complex, mainly because of our innovative XIP technology applied to the Bpt video entry systems. 

The system installed in this structure is made by 23 Digitha external door units made ad hoc and connected through a single and secure LAN network provided with 6 network interfaces ETI/EXP. The server guarantees the proper routing of audio and video communication between door units and 150 Crestron touchpanel terminals.


Today, there are more than 3,000 projects implemented by CAME Project Department. For each project, we carried our expertise and our knowledge, in order to reach a final result in line with the highest quality standards, even for the most complex projects. The goal is always the same: to provide solutions at the forefront and for every kind of need.