Performance Challenge 2014

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The lucky winners of our 2014 Performance Challenge were invited to join CAME BPT to celebrate their success. After being treated to a night in Helidon Lakes, a stunning 4* hotel, they headed to the Home of British motor sport, Silverstone, to enjoy an exclusive track day with multiple racing experiences.

One lucky driver from each party got to enjoy an enthralling day of gas guzzling as they put the pedal to the metal, to enjoy a series of driving experiences that would make any petrol head jealous.

No other experience can match the pure adrenaline and excitement of racing around the Home of British motor racing. Under the guidance of world class instructors, one guest from each party stepped into their race gear and slammed their foot on the throttle as they experienced 4 fantastic driving experiences at the world famous Silverstone race circuit. The action packed, adrenaline fuelled, day of excitement allowed a lucky few to drive some of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world, learning from the best and gaining the ability to expertly control these amazing vehicles.


400 BHP of V8 Ferrari power on the UK’s only Formula 1 track – that’ll make the hair on your arms stand up, and stay up. Even with your helmet on, the noise
of the F430 Coupe will fix a smile on your face as you paddle through the gears, screaming out of Silverstone’s famous corners.
This is your chance to sample the most famous sportscar of all, taste the excitement of high-speed driving in a mid-engined Ferrari.


Want to know what it’s like to drive a proper racing car? Our Formula Silverstone Single-Seaters are expertly engineered to provide you with just that
experience. Sitting literally inches from the ground, you’ll start out around our Stowe circuit - used by the top F1™ teams. After a driving techniques briefing
from one of Silverstone’s race school instructors, you will be ready to head off behind the pace car for a few laps of the circuit before being let loose to show
what you can do.


For raw, uncomplicated driving pleasure, the Caterham 7 is hard to beat. With its sensational power-to-weight ratio, this ultra-light road-legal race car
provides nerve-shattering performance and supernatural controllability in this fantastic timed slalom.
The most jaw-droppingly thrilling way to experience our world-famous circuits is inches from the ground.


The Land Rover Defender remains one of the most capable off-roaders ever built. It’s the perfect machine for Silverstone’s challenging purpose-built
off-road course, which combines steep gradients, big drops and deep water demanding precision handling and tenacity. Vertigo inducing drops, water filled
ravines, apparently unassailable ascents and axle twisting obstacles combine to challenge the bravery and determination of the driver and the go anywhere
ability of the vehicles. This is serious off-roading and you will learn new car control skills, challenging your very understanding of how a vehicle behaves in
demanding terrain.

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